Campus E-Waste Drop-Off Locations

Noble Hall1st floor oceanside courtyard entrance next to parking lot. Down the hall and turn left.
Bren Hall3rd Floor (3L) student break room. Left corner.
Broida HallOutside to the left of oceanside entrance of main building.
Harold Frank Hall (HFH)Mountainside entrance next to MRL. On the right as you enter. Empty bins and tub.
Materials Research Lab (MRL)Oceanside entrance on the left as you enter.
Webb HallThrough the main entrance, the bin will be across the room, to the left of the glass case with precious minerals.
Bio EngineeringEnter from loading bay near Library entrance, first room on the right.
Life Sciences Building (LSB)3rd floor administrative offices, left by printer.
Library1st floor, walk in new entrance turn right towards old library in hallway with elevators.
North Hall1st floor mountainside entrance to the left by stairs.
Cheadle HallDown the hall to the right in blue receptacles. 2nd bin: Upstairs, turn left. Across from elevators on your right.
Ellison HallEnter oceanside entrance, turn right. Next to recycling cluster.
Phelps Hall1st floor oceanside entrance in courtyard. Turn right and walk down hallway.
ChemistryThrough the main entrance, three bins directly to the left as you enter.
Student HealthMountainside parking lot entrance. Walk down hallway to the lobby. On your right.
Gevirtz School of Education (GGSE)3rd floor, right of elevators.
Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS)1st floor Mountainside entrance near elevators.
Kerr HallWalk up stairs to streetside entrance. On the right as you enter.
South Hall1st floor mountainside entrance. Turn left after elevators.
The AnnexOn the left next to other waste bins when entering the front entrance.
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSSB)Entrance next to coffee cart. On the left as you enter.
AS Bike ShopIn side shop near other waste bins
Theater and DanceEnter ticket office from door on the right of ticket booth. Bin in hall
Student Resource Building (SRB)Left of main entrance.
Cheadle HallDown the Hall to the right in blue receptacles. 2nd bin: Upstairs turn left. Across from elevators on your right.
BARC OfficeEnter the Billing Cashier entrance (1212) in the SAASB building. After entering this door, the bin is in the room directly to the right (room 1212J). If you’re at this office from 8-9am or 4-5pm you will need to knock on the door and someone will come to let you in. (Still Closed for COVID)
Business and FinanceThird floor of SAASB building (next to visitors center). After exiting the elevator, turn right to enter BFS. The front desk will buzz you into the main doorway. Then walk down the main hallway about halfway and the bin will be on your left.
Human Resources3rd floor office 3101 Student Affairs & Administrative Services Building. Walk left around cubicles.
Art Building2nd floor. Walk up outside stairs in the courtyard.
KCSBKCSB courtyard, directly next to base of Storke Tower.
Music Building1st floor mountainside entrance. On the left as you enter.
University Center2nd floor next to Access Card Booth, in corner.
AS PublicationsEnter door next to AS Ticket Office. Next to door on the right.
Multicultural Center (MCC)2nd floor, right of stairs.
College of Creative Studies (CCS)Mountainside entrance. Down hallway on left side.
Building 555Mountainside entrance. Walk to the end of the hallway.
Facilities OfficeInside Facilities Management down the hall from ASR office.
Storke HousingLaundry room in the right corner. Key is on lanyard.
Santa YnezJameson community center oceanside entrance. Battery collection tubes on the right as you enter.
Pardall CenterOn Pardall Road. 1st floor, on the left as you enter.
San ClementeIn the San Clemente Center Common Room (Room 3118). Contact Ofelia Aguilera: (805) 893-2853 if door is locked and no one is around to let you in.
Santa CatalinaSouth Tower. 1st floor to the left of the front desk.
Sierra MadreWalk down main path. In Administration Office on the left as you enter.
West CampusAfter turning left on Storke Road, make a left into the west campus parking lot. Turn right into the smaller parking lot along Bolton Walk. The laundry room if visible in the right corner of the parking lot.
Children’s CenterHead west on El Colegio, then make a left onto Devereaux Road. Take the 2nd left on W Campus Point Lane. Park in parking lot by entrance. Enter through front gate, walk through courtyard/play area. Enter building and turn left, then left again. Bins are at the end of the hallway.
West Gate ApartmentsCorner of Embarcadero del Norte and El Colegio. Park in parking lot and walk on the side to the main entrance. Make a left down the hallway.
MSIOn 4th floor. Take elevator to 4L, go through double doors and it is in the mail room on your right.
Santa RosaDORM: To the left of the front desk, part of recycling cluster.
AnacapaDORM: Across from the front desk, part of recycling cluster.
Santa CruzDORM: Next to recycling cluster near couches to the right of front desk
San NicolasDORM: In lounge to the left of front desk.
San MiguelDORM: Left of main entrance, across from front desk
San RafaelDORM: Right of main entrance.
Manzanita (De Anza)DORM: De Anza Resource Center Entrance. Next to front desk.
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