Event Services

Campus events produce a large amount of waste. Often well-intentioned event planners carefully purchase recyclable or compostable plates and other products for their event, but the park or facility where the event is held only has trash bins and everything goes to the landfill anyway. We are here to help!

AS Recycling can help reduce your event’s environmental impact by providing recycling, compost and trash bins to help reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. After an event, A.S. Recycling student staff hand-sort through the material that was generated to further ensure proper disposal of materials. For an additional fee, we are also able to provide your group or organization with an accurate measurement of how much waste was diverted from the landfill and how you can further reduce waste at future events.

AS Recycling’s Zero Waste Event Service includes:

  • Distinctive and reusable color-coded trash, recycling, and compost bins
  • Proper signage for all stations with comprehensive visual instructions
  • Bin service: clean, set up, and take down by student staff
  • Removal of collected waste

Add-on services available:

  • Pre-event consultation on how to reduce potential sources of waste, maximize resource efficiency, and reduce costs
  • Staff members who will remain on site and monitor bins to ensure proper disposal of waste
  • Waste audit report and calculation of the total diversion rate
  • Compostable ware (ex. plates, cups, forks, etc…) for sale with a valid A.S. account through Zero Waste Committee
  • Water service from Spring Mountain Water in Santa Barbara

To schedule A.S. Recycling’s Zero Waste services at your next event, please fill out our request form after reading our policy page.

For very large events:

You may want to consider requesting additional custodial and grounds staff assistance or additional dumpsters and dumpster pickups. Contact Facilities Management at x8300 or place a work order through their TMA system to request these services.

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