We’re hiring!

Associated Students Recycling and the Department of Public Worms are now hiring Route Riders and Worm Wranglers for Fall quarter. For full job descriptions and to apply, go to handshake! Applications are due September 2nd.

Recycling Route Riders collect recycling, electronic waste, and compost from specific campus locations to keep the campus waste management program running smoothly. This position provides the unique opportunity to experience and directly influence the process of waste management on campus. Route Riders also help with other aspects of the AS Recycling program to educate the campus community, as well as network with other campus organizations and community members.

Worm Wranglers run UCSB’s on-site composting programs. They collect and process food waste from UCSB Dining Commons through vermicompost bins and hot compost stalls, maintain the compost program at the Family Student Housing complexes, manage an educational garden and participate in outreach activities and events to promote DPW’s work and mission. As a member of the Edible Campus Coalition, DPW students care for the citrus trees in the Urban Orchard program, vertical garden program, and will take care of the future student-run farm and various other Edible Campus projects.


Associated Students Recycling is a student-funded, student-run organization dedicated to reducing waste on the UCSB campus and in the surrounding community. Through daily collections, we help divert the campus’ recyclables, e-waste, and pre- and post-consumer food scraps from the landfill. We also conduct workshops and campaigns to inform the student population about waste-related issues, and we help connect students to environmental decision makers on campus and in the community. 

A.S. Recycling engages its student staff in every aspect of program operations. It is a fun, flexible, dirty and enriching place to work where all staff members share a passion for protecting the environment!