Campus E-Waste Resources

AS Recycling runs a free electronic waste collection program for members of the UCSB campus. For off-campus e-waste disposal, please see our community resources page. Per UC policy, all e-waste from UCSB is sent to an e-Steward certified facility in Fresno, California. The rigorous e-Steward program requires that all certified facilities meet the toughest environmental and ethical standards in the world and that absolutely no e-waste is ever sent to developing countries for disposal. We have over 40 drop-off locations all over campus, so in addition to being the most ethical and environmental choice, it’s also the easiest!

What is Accepted:

  • All computer parts and peripherals (Note: If you are a campus IT specialist, are discarding a computer and can verify that the drive has been COMPLETELY wiped, you may tape a note to the item stating that it has been wiped and can be redistributed with the hard drive intact. Otherwise, the hard drive will be destroyed and the recycle value of the computer will be reduced).
  • Handheld devices
  • Small appliances
  • All types of batteries
  • Ink & toner cartridges
  • Discs, tapes, cassettes, etc.
  • CFL light bulbs

What is NOT Accepted:

  • Large items (larger than 2’x2’x2′ or heavier than 50lbs). Call Central Stores at (805) 893-2732 for a pickup.
  • Smoke detectors (some have radioactive parts)
  • Fridges and air conditioners (or anything that has coolant, this is hazardous)
  • Furniture

Inventorial Items:

AS Recycling cannot collect or dispose of University inventorial items until they have been properly removed from inventory by the department. In general, items that are over $5000 in original cost are inventorial items. Click here for more information.

Campus Drop-Off Locations

You can drop off your e-waste at any of AS Recycling’s e-waste collection bins. If multiple bins are present, please sort your waste according to the signage. If there is no battery or ink cartridge bin, these items can be placed in the general bin.Do not place CFL lightbulbs anywhere other than in a lightbulb bin; a broken bulb leaks mercury and is dangerous for building occupants and our student workers.

If your item will not fit in the bin, you can either leave it on the floor nearby (do not impede foot traffic) or contact us for a special pickup. Please keep in mind that because we are staffed by student workers and have limited equipment and a small vehicle, we cannot handle very large or heavy items. If your items cannot be comfortably handled by two people without special tools, please contact Central Stores at at (805) 893-2732 for assistance.


Want E-waste bins and pick up service for your building?

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